Wesley So wins Univé Chess Tournament in Hoogeveen

Having prevailed over three opponents, the Philippine grandmaster Wesley So clearly won the Univé Chess Tournament in the Dutch city Hoogeveen.


Wesley So not top-favorite in Hoogeveen

Wesely So

Overall, four chess players competed at the chess tournament in the Netherlands, at which Michael Adams (Elo 2753) started as the top-rated player. The Englishman is 13th in worldwide rankings and most recently won the top-cast Sparkassen Tournament in the German city Dortmund. Wesley So, on the other hand, is only 41st on a worldwide scale and holds a current Elo-rating of 2706 points. Further competitors in Hoogeveen were Loek Van Wely (Elo 2693 / 55th) and Robin van Kampen (Elo 2607 / 218th). Matches were played in a double round of everybody against everybody.


Michael Adams 1.5 points behind Wesley So

After a total of 6 rounds, Wesley So superiorly won through; at 4.5 points out of the 6 rounds, he was 1.5 points ahead off top-favorite player Michael Adams. While the Briton achieved one victory and four draws and had to comply with one defeat, So won three duels and scored three draws at the chess tournament in Hoogeveen. Van Kampen came off 3rd, having achieved one victory, four draws, and one defeat – like Adams. Loek Van Wely took the bottom rank after three draws and three defeats with an overall score of 1.5 points.


Maxim Rodshtein wins Open Tournament

Hoogeveen also hosted an Open Tournament with 77 contestants, who played 9 rounds. Hereby, the grandmaster Maxim Rodshtein (Elo 2664) secured the victory. As the player with the highest Elo-rating at the tournament, he scored 7.5 points and triumphed over runner-up Viktor Moskalenko (Elo 2520) from Spain, who scored 7.0 points. Local player Erwin L’ami (Elo 2645) came off 3rd with also 7.0 points. Best German player was grandmaster Felix Levin (Elo 2480) at 6.0 points in 7th place.


Picture: Stefan64

written by Michael, translated by Birthe