The Best Christmas Gifts for Chess Fans

Are you still looking for a Christmas Present for you’re a chess enthusiast, whether it’s your grandfather, friend, or boss? Are you a chess fan yourself and yet again, like every year, don’t know what to put on your wish list for Christmas? Stop worrying – Chessimo has collected a few neat gift ideas for any budget that will lift the spirits of chess fans!

Little somethings for low budget gift-givers (under 20 EUR)

Christmas Under 20EUR

For only 4.20 USD zazzle offers different sets of Chess-themed Poker Chips, some of which you can even design yourself! They are available in the US, almost all of Europe, Brazil, Asia, and other countries. The perfect gift for chess fanatics with a weak spot for card games.


Christmas Under 20EUR 2

If you want to give a gift to someone who not only loves chess but also culinary goodies, a Christmas Stocking is an ideal choice! It can be spiced up with all kinds of delicious stocking fillers and is a great example for how to make someone happy on a low budget. (In Germany available at for 12.99 EUR)


Christmas Under 20EUR 3

For those who love to party. This popular Chess Drinking Game is available in any imaginable version. offers it for 14.95 EUR, Amazon even has an edition with glass board for under 8 EUR!


Christmas Under 20EUR 4

Who can’t stop thinking about chess even at the office, will certainly appreciate a mouse pad or a coffee mug that unmistakably belong to him or her. Several Mouse Pads, Mugs, Note Pads, and Calendars with cool chess designs are available at man only shops worldwide at prices ranging from 10 to 20 USD.


Christmas Under 20EUR 5

Guitar Picks with different chess design are the perfect present for all your friends who have a thing for music. Available for 16.95 USD at zazzle.

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Unforgettable Gifts at a medium budget

Christmas Under Medium Budget

Some of us like to make fashion statements. You will surely please those with Shirts, Neckties, or Aprons with chess motives. A large number of websites around the globe offer a wide range of products with great designs for 20 to 40 USD. Check out Endgame (USA), Cafepress (Germany), and almost worldwide zazzle.


Christmas Under Medium Budget 2

Austrian Motive-themed Coins can be a real surprise for coin collectors and chess fans. Waiting for your order at MA Shops for 50 bucks!

Chess Presents xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Christmas Under Medium Budget 3

Chess players are said to be couch potatoes. It is time to show the world otherwise! One way to do so are the Chess-themed Ping Pong Paddle, seen at zazzle for 31.95 USD.

Chess Presents xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Christmas Under Medium Budget 4

For about 50 USD you can buy Cell Phone Cases with great chess designs. Technology freaks will most likely love Notebook Cases or Portable Speakers that show their love for check! All items seen at zazzle (available in the US, almost all of Europe, Brazil, Asia, ..).

Chess Presents xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Exquisite presents without price limits

Exquisite PresentsCollectors love extraordinary Chess Boards with creative chess pieces. These are available in many editions made from wood, metal, plastic, glass, or even gold, diamonds, and carbon. There are absolutely no price limits. Who owns millions might be interested in some of the most expensive chess boards in the world. Starting at 816 EUR, Hand-made Sets are available at H&H, a southern German company. You can, however, find significantly less expensive high-quality boards in the World Wide Web that aren’t any less interesting and individual.


Exquisite Presents 2

At Amazon we have found this Chess Table with removable board and a hidden Backgammon board on the inside. Not exactly a bargain buy, but portably an incredibly valuable treasure to passionate players.

Chess Presents axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Exquisite Presents 3For 80 bucks you can sign up for an Annual Magazine Subscription of the New in Chess Magazine. The deal currently includes four extra publications for new subscribers. ANY chess fan will love this present, if he or she isn’t already a subscriber of this treasure of chess literature.

Chess Presents xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Now we’re ready for Christmas!

 written by Sarah, translated by Birthe