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Magnus Carlsen – the best of all time?

With his victory over Fabiano Caruana at the Zurich Chess Challenge Magnus Carlsen reached a virtual ELO of 2882.6 points.

Magnus Carlsen

This is the highest ELO-rating a chess player has ever reached. But does it make Magnus Carlsen the best chess player of all time?
If he is not the best, then who is? Garry Kasparov? Bobby Fischer? Or maybe Emanuel Lasker, Mikhail Botvinnik, José Raul Capablanca, or Paul Morphy? An overview about this popular and heated discussion is given by the article “Comparison of top chess players throughout history” that can be found on the English website of Wikipedia. Chess enthusiast tried answering this question with empirical methods and by comparing world championship duels with computer generated suggestions or with subjective human opinions. Unsurprisingly, these attempts delivered no clear results. In the end, one can decide which method and result he or she prefers based on sympathy for one or another world champion.


Picture: Maria Emilianova

written by Philipp, translated by Birthe


Carlsen against Google, Facebook, and Microsoft

“Bill Gates plays better than Mark Zuckerberg, but Zuckerberg has great talent for the game.”

Making a fool of Google first, teaching Mark Zuckerberg a lesson then, and finally checkmating Bill Gates – what seems impossible in reality is easily taken care of by Magnus Carlsen in only a few days.

Magnus Carlsen

The new World Champion does not only crush his opponents on the chess board but also impresses the economic giants. “Wow, that was fast” is what Gates said after being checkmated in a match of only nine moves that lasted 62 seconds. However, the World Champion played in a risky manner suffered the first figure-loss after eight moves. But Gates couldn’t profit from his win and abruptly shut down – just like his Internet Explorer.. With the words “He fell for my strategy, but his moves were quite reasonable” Carlsen praised the 58 year-old opponent in a Norwegian TV talk show and complaisantly added that Gates played a better duel than Mark Zuckerberg who also has great talent for the game.

Few days before the TV show, the Champion was invited by PayPal founder Peter Thiel and stayed in Silicon Valley. As honorary chairman of the campaign “First Move” Carlsen received a check over one million dollars for chess projects in American schools. Simultaneously, he swept the Google Chess Team off the board at 10:0 points. Afterwards he met 23 year-old Mark Zuckerberg and was impressed by the Facebook founder’s learning abilities in matters of chess. “It’s a good thing he’s with Facebook” posted jokingly Carlsen later on in the popular social network. He was a tough participant in the following podium discussion and responded to the question about God’s ELO-rating that there are certainly more important things for God to do than to play chess.

In the duel against the second richest man of the world after the Mexican Carlos Slim, Carlsen played the black chessmen with only 30 seconds thinking time. The World Champion needed only 12 of the 30 seconds, while Bill Gates took 50 of his 120 seconds to think about his move, before his King was dethroned by a checkmate. Gates was not disappointed at all; “we knew the outcome all along” guessed the computer giant at the first move, and in response to the question when he feels intellectually overstimulated confessed “When I play a duel against him.”

Picture: Reuters Stockholm

written by Philipp, translated by Birthe

Chess World Rankings: World Champion Magnus Carlsen remains top of the list

The world rankings of chess remain unaltered in December 2013 with Magnus Carlsen still in the leading position. Compared to before the World Championship though, the Norwegian was only able to slightly increase his ELO-rating.


Peter Svidler ascends into Top 10

Magnus Carlsen

A look at the December 2013 edition of the Chess World Rankings tells us that Magnus Carlsen is still in the leading position with an ELO of 2872 points. The young Norwegian was able to increase his rating by 2 points, like the runner-up Levon Aronian. At 2803 points though, he is still far behind World Champion Magnus Carlsen. Aronian is followed by the best Russian player and former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik (ELO 2793). Within the Top 10 of the list, Veselin Topalov was able to advance from rank 9 to 5, as he improved his ELO-rating by 11 points to 2785. The dethroned World Champion Visvanathan Anand from India fell back one rank and is now in 9th place with an ELO of 2773 instead of the previous 2775 points. Peter Svidler can newly be found among the Top 10 too, whose increase in ELO from 2652 to 2758 rewarded him with advancement from rank 13 to rank 10. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, however, dropped out of the Top 10.


Arkadij Naiditsch advanced seven ranks in world rankings

From a German point of view, a look at the Top 20 players of the world gives great pleasure; the best German player, Arkadij Naiditsch, enhanced his ELO-rating by a total of 10 points to 2737 and therefore moved forward from rank 25 onto rank 18. Likewise, the Russian grandmaster Vladimir Malakhov took a great leap forward and improved from rank 40 onto rank 31 with an altered ELO of 2716 (+8).


Slight changes in Women’s World Rankings

The top of the Women’s World Rankings remains completely unchanged in December 2013. Undisputed leader is still Judith Polgar from Hungary (ELO 2693), followed by Chinese talent Yifan Hou (ELO 2629), and Humpy Koneru from India (ELO 2607). Switched were positions 4 and 5 – the Chinese Xue Zhao (ELO 2566 / +3) is now ahead off Slovenian Anna Muzychuk (ELO 2566 / +0). Furthermore, former World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk from Russia was able to fight her way back into the Top 10. With a remarkably improved ELO of 2527 (+17 !!) she advanced from rank 13 onto rank 9. The best German chess player, Elisabeth Paethz moved three ranks forward and is now in 32nd place.


Picture: wikipedia/Autopilot

written by Michael, translated by Birthe


Team Chess World Championship 2013 in Turkey

After Magnus Carlsen recently dethroned the previous Chess World Champion Visvanathan Anand and Azerbaijan was announced new European Team Chess Champion, the world is preparing for the next highlight in matters of chess: The Team World Championship 2013 in the Turkish city Antalya.


Russia and Armenia are top-favorites


Ten teams will be competing in the 2013 edition of the World Team Championship of Men. Among the evenly strong participants, Russia and Armenia are the favorite teams. The Russian formation, consisting of Vladimir Kramnik (Elo 2793), Sergey Karjakin (Elo 2756), Alexander Grischuk (Elo 2785), Ian Nepomniachtchi (Elo 2721), and Nikita Vitiugov (Elo 2741), should not be underestimated, even if they had to comply with a 2:2 draw against Armenia on the first day. However, the Armenian team is also cast well with players such as Sergei Movsesian (Elo 2700), Vladimit Akopian (Elo 2681), Gabriel Sargissian (Elo 2676), and Tigran Petrosian (Elo 2660) under the lead of top-rated player Levon Aronian (Elo 2801) who currently ranks 2nd in worldwide standings.


Four Victories in other duels of the first rounds

Four other pairings of the first round of the Team World Championship 2013 in Antalya ended with victories. The German team was able to prevail over Egypt with 2.5:1.5 points. The only defeat the Germans had to admit to was surprisingly the team’s top player Arkadij Naiditsch (Elo 2727) against Samy Shoker (ELO 2500), while Georg Meier (Elo 2623) won over Abdel Razik Khaled (Elo 2450) and David Baramidze (Elo 2614) over Armin Bassem (Elo 2652). The home team from Turkey was not successful against Azerbaijan in the opening stage of the tournament and finished the first duel at 1.5:2.5 to Azerbaijan’s favor, whose top-player Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Elo 2757) was not present. The decisive point for 2013’s European Champion secured Nidjat Mamedov (Elo 2616) with a victory against Mustafa Yilmaz (Elo 2577) on the 3rd board.


Ukraine beats USA in opening stage of World Championship 2013

The Ukraine and Germany faced each other in the second top-rated match of the day. The Eastern Europeans were able to prevail at 2.5:1.5 points. The decisive point was contributed by Anton Korobov (Elo 2713) who won over Gata Kamsky (Elo 2721). Also, there were three draws between Vassily Ivanchuk (Elo 2731) and Hikaru Nakamura (Elo 2786), Alexander Moissenko (Elo 2709) and Alexander Onischuk (Elo 2672), and Yuriy Kryvoruchko (Elo 2701) and Varuzhan Akobian (Elo 2625). In the fifth duel of the first round, China was able to defeat the Netherlands at 2.5:1.5 points.


Picture: Przemysław Jahr

written by Michael, translated by Birthe

European Chess Championship 2013: France and Ukraine with chances on title

While the Chess World Championship 2013 between Anand and Carlsen is the center of attention these days, Warsaw is hosting the European Team Championship with top-class competitors. After five rounds it is final that current European Champion Germany has no chance on winning medals.


France leads in men’s category of European Chess Championship in Warsaw

Etienne Bacrot

In five rounds of the European Chess Championship 2013 in Warsaw, the German men’s national team has only scored 4.0 points. The team that was seeded 10th, is only on rank 25 out of 38 participating teams. Germany was only able to prevail over Israel in the opening stage and obtained two draws against Spain and Poland. The German team was defeated by Georgia and England. After five rounds, the Championship is dominated by France with an average Elo-rating of 2695 points. The French team was 3rd in seeding list and currently holds a score of 9.0 points. Therefore, the French team of Etienne Bacrot and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave is one point short of the trio. Seeded in 6th place, the team from Azerbaijan with Shakhriyar Mamedyarov ranks 4th at the moment. Surprisingly, Greece ascended to rank 2 (seeded 15th) and Georgia to rank 3 (seeded 14th). On the contrary, Russia has only obtained 7.0 points so far and ranks 7th, while Armenia, number 2 in seeding list, only ranks 10th at 7.0 points.


Ukraine dominant in women’s category of European Chess Championship 2013

The women’s competition has left us little surprised so far. The top-cast Ukrainian team leads the field at 10.0 points and remains undefeated. Kateryna Lagno, Anna Ushenina and their team mates have won all duels at the championship so far. Lagno and Ushenina each won four matches and achieved one draw. The Ukraine is followed by number 3 of the seeding list – Georgia – at 8.0 points. The Russian women, seeded 2nd, and the German women, seeded 5th, have obtained 7.0 points each and rank 5th and 7th at the moment.


Picture: wikipedia/Stefan64

written by Michael, translated by Birthe


European Team Chess Championship 2013 in Warsaw

While almost the entire world of chess has all attention in Chennai at the moment to witness the World Championship duel of Anand and Carlsen, we will focus on the European Team Championship 2013. Before we will provide detailed information about the battle for the World Championship title, let us take a closer look at the teams that will participate in Warsaw from today on.


Germany surprisingly title defender at European Championship

Schach EM Warschau

From a German viewpoint, the European Team Championship is of high interest. The German team is the title defending team in Poland, after they had unexpectedly won the 2011 edition of the championship in Porto Carras. However, another victory at the event is rather unlikely, as the German team, again, starts in an outsider position in the fight for the title – just like in Greece in 2011. According to the seeding list, the German team is only in 10th place.


Russia and Armenia are top-favorites

A look at the list of participants shows that especially the teams from Russia and Armenia are rated as top-favorites. The Russian team has an average Elo of 2747 points, the list being led by Alexander Grischuk (Elo 2785), Peter Svidler (Elo 2752), and Alexander Morozevich (Elo 2727). Armenia, on the other hand, will be represented by Levon Aronian (Elo 2801) and Sergei Movesesian (Elo 2700) amongst others. The average Elo-rating of the Armenian team amounts to 2715 points. The title defending team from Germany has an average Elo of 2644 to offer and is headed by the German number 1, Arkadij Naiditsch (Elo 2727 – at an all-time peak!!). The team is completed by Georg Meier (Elo 2623), David Baramidze (Elo 2614), Igor Khenkin (Elo 2612), and Daniel Fridman (Elo 2600).


Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia are top-favorites in women’s division

In the women’s tournament of the 2013 European Team Championship, the teams from the Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia are considered to have the greatest chances on winning the title. The Ukrainian women have an average Elo of 2498 and are led by Kateryna Lagno (Elo 2542), Anna Ushenina (Elo 2492), and Mariya Muzychuk (Elo 2491). Russia and Georgia have averages of each 2491 points with players such as Alexandra Kosteniuk (Elo 2510) and Valentina Gunina (Elo 2509) for Russia and Nana Dzagnidze (Elo2556) and Bela Khotenashvili (Elo 2524) for Georgia. Rank 4 on the seeding list is takes by Poland, followed by Germany with an Elo averaging at 2390 points. The German women’s team is cast with Elisabeth Paehtz (Elo 2449), Zoya Schleining (Elo 2379), Tatjana Melamed (Elo 2367), Ketino Kachiani-Gersinska (Elo 2365), and Marta Michna (Elo 2357).


Picture: Paweł Suwarski

written by Michael, translated by Birthe


Chess Candidates’ Tournament 2014 in Chanty-Mansijsk

Next year’s edition of the Candidates’ Tournament in chess will be hosted by the Russian city Chanty-Mansijsk. This decision is not a surprise and was now announced by the Chess World Federation FIDE.


Chanty-Mansijsk only candidate for tournament

Magnus Carlsen-1

As the last duel of the Chess World Championship between Anand and Carlsen will be fought out in two weeks, the FIDE finally announced details about the Candidates’ Tournament 2014. The event will be hosted by the Siberian city Chanty-Mansijsk and is scheduled for March 12th to 30th. Therefore, another chess highlight will be carried out at this important place, at which many other important chess tournaments have been held before. Several World Cups and even one edition of the Chess Olympics took place in the Russian city. Now, the Candidates’ Tournament 2014 is coming up, which will be fought in 14 rounds. All of the eight participants will compete against the others twice. In the end, Russia was the only candidate for hosting the event, after Bulgaria withdrew the candidacy of the city Kozloduy.


The competitors of the Candidates’ Tournament 2014

Most of the eight participants of the Candidates’ http://clomidgeneric-pharmacy.net/ Tournament 2014 have been chosen already. The next spot will be given to the loser of the World Championship between Anand and Carlsen. Through outstanding ratings, Levon Aronian from Armenia and Sergey Karjakin from Russia have qualified for partcicpation. Furthermore, the two Russians Dmitry Andreikin and http://plavixpharmacy-generic.org/ Vladimir Kramnik secured their qualification through the World Cup. Additionally, the two top-ranked of the Grand Prix Rating 2012 levitra vardenafil / 2013, http://clomidgeneric-pharmacy.net/ Veselin Topalov from Bulgaria and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov from Azerbaijan, made the squad. Lastly, the organizer of the Candidates’ Tournament will announce the eighth participant via Wild Card. Great chances on the last spot have Alexander Grischuk and Boris Gelfand.


Picture: flickr.com / Frans Peeters


written by Michael, translated buy tadalafil by Birthe