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Time for real opponents!


Have you heard of Chessimo Play yet?

Our app on Facebook lets you test your chess skills in real matches! Whether it’s real time or correspondence chess – play against opponents from around the world or invite friends to a challenge online!

In case you don’t have a Facebook account: don’t worry, you don’t need one to use Chessimo!

Click here and try it out now!

New Chessimo app for iOS


It’s finally here: as of today, the new and optimized Chessimo app for iOS will be available on the App Store.

And there’s good news for all existing users: you can conveniently transfer your TRAIN status onto our platform via an update and won’t lose anything when you make the switch to the new version.

But hold on, there’s more: as a cherry on top, we’ll cut you a deal and make Chessimo available for only 7,99€ for the first two weeks.

Have fun! We’re looking forward to your feedback.

It’s finally available: Chessimo for Android


We heard you: since the iOS-Version of Chessimo has been enchanting our loyal users all over the world, 8×8 Media AG is finally releasing the popular chess academy for Android!

It’s not just about the brand new design and running Stockfish, one of the strongest chess softwares out there. We are especially excited about the new sync-feature which makes sure that you can use Chessimo on all platforms (iOS, Android, Web) and devices alike!

Of course our new version will also include the features TRAIN, CHECK, and PLAY, offering you the same variety of functions as our iOS app.

The unique method of feedback and efficient learning techniques as well as the dynamically adapting AI opponent complete the package and make Chessimo the ideal companion for anyone who’s looking to improve their game.

Become part of the Chessimo community and get our app right here!