Chess Candidates’ Tournament 2014 in Chanty-Mansijsk

Next year’s edition of the Candidates’ Tournament in chess will be hosted by the Russian city Chanty-Mansijsk. This decision is not a surprise and was now announced by the Chess World Federation FIDE.


Chanty-Mansijsk only candidate for tournament

Magnus Carlsen-1

As the last duel of the Chess World Championship between Anand and Carlsen will be fought out in two weeks, the FIDE finally announced details about the Candidates’ Tournament 2014. The event will be hosted by the Siberian city Chanty-Mansijsk and is scheduled for March 12th to 30th. Therefore, another chess highlight will be carried out at this important place, at which many other important chess tournaments have been held before. Several World Cups and even one edition of the Chess Olympics took place in the Russian city. Now, the Candidates’ Tournament 2014 is coming up, which will be fought in 14 rounds. All of the eight participants will compete against the others twice. In the end, Russia was the only candidate for hosting the event, after Bulgaria withdrew the candidacy of the city Kozloduy.


The competitors of the Candidates’ Tournament 2014

Most of the eight participants of the Candidates’ Tournament 2014 have been chosen already. The next spot will be given to the loser of the World Championship between Anand and Carlsen. Through outstanding ratings, Levon Aronian from Armenia and Sergey Karjakin from Russia have qualified for partcicpation. Furthermore, the two Russians Dmitry Andreikin and Vladimir Kramnik secured their qualification through the World Cup. Additionally, the two top-ranked of the Grand Prix Rating 2012 levitra vardenafil / 2013, Veselin Topalov from Bulgaria and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov from Azerbaijan, made the squad. Lastly, the organizer of the Candidates’ Tournament will announce the eighth participant via Wild Card. Great chances on the last spot have Alexander Grischuk and Boris Gelfand.


Picture: / Frans Peeters


written by Michael, translated buy tadalafil by Birthe