Anatoly Karpov still successful

One of the best chess players of all time is doubtlessly Anatoly Karpov. The Classic Chess and FIDE World Champion currently proves his high-level abilities in France.


Anatoly Karpov leads at ‘Karpov Trophy’

Anatoly Karpov

At present, the ‘Karpov Trophy’ is carried out in Cap d’Agde in France. The Russian grandmaster, who still holds an Elo-rating of 2619 and therefore ranks among the Top 200 of the FIDE World Rankings, did not miss the chance of participating in the tournament himself. After Anatoly Karpov had obtained the ‘Karpov Trophy’ in the previous year, he is on course of victory yet again. With the end of the 8th out of 14 rounds he is clearly in the

lead and has pretty much reached quarter-finals of the Knock-Out Phase already.


Despite business and politics, Karpov still plays outstandingly

While the 62 year-old 12th Chess World Champion is mainly active in business and politics these days, it seems, he has never forgotten anything in matters of chess. In the first 8 rounds of the tournament in Cap d’Agde, Karpov scored 7.0 points through five victories and two draws. In rapid chess, he beat Etienne Bacrot (Elo 2730), Yannick Pelletier (Elo 2578), and Xue Zhao (Elo 2579) and achieved a draw against Vassily Ivanchuk (Elo 2733). With his score of 7.0 points, the Russian grandmaster clearly leads the field, ahead off Bacrot (5.0), Mariya Muzychuk (4.5 / Elo 2491), and Pelletier (also 4.5). The best four out of eight players will reach the Knock-Out Phase. Other participants are Marie Sebag (Elo 2510) and Nino Maisuradze (Elo 2032), whose chances at the ‘Karpiv Trophy’ are rather small. The final decision of this chess event will be made on November 2nd 2013.


Picture: Rodrigo Fernández


written by Michael, translated by Birthe