About Chessimo

Chessimo is definitely a revolutionary chess training system. It reinforces your basic knowledge in Tactics, Endgames, Openings and Strategy at the same time as it teaches you new tricks.

These graphics keep you updated about the target determined and the progress of your training achieved. It only takes a quick look to see where more practice is due.

It’s totally interactive: each exercise gives instructions, illustrates a concept and requires an answer from the user. If the answer isn’t the most accurate one, the software shows the correct move. If you wish to analyze other options you consider more precise just open the auxiliary chessboard and the “Crafty” engine will support your analyses.

A good opening is the key to a successful game. Chessimo provides a variety of practical exercises to help you prepare the game´s final during the first few moves.

This teaching technique has a priceless value, because it significantly increases learning and comprehension, since you are required to work on a problem, before getting the answers.

The software is also sequential. Even if some exercises seem extremely simple, they are very important to reinforce previously learned concepts.

At any time, you may open the auxiliary chessboard and find out why the program chose not to perform the move you considered best!

This repetition is the key to your success through Chessimo.

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