World Chess Championships-girls run the world

Those who were there said that the weather was chilly outside but things were getting serious inside the chess arena in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia. Beautiful brains got down to work in the 2012 world chess championships for women. Sixty four world class players were participating and it all started on November 11th and will continue till 2nd December. So what are some of the things that avid chess lovers can look forward to during this period? Well there are two six knock out rounds so that you can get to see who gets kicked out first during the initial stages. These rounds are meant to eliminate players till we only have the cream of the crop who will battle it out in the four final stages.

Great names in the world of women’s chess championship are there, one of them being former world champion Antoaneta Stefanova. Sources say that she was not just there for fun. Evidence being that she gave away her pawn, not for a draw, but in an effort to see her through to the quarter final. There were also the smooth operators who attacked swiftly. One of these players is none other than Zhao Xue from China. Her opponent made a mistake that she decided to manoeuvre her success on. India is not to be left out in this game of wit as Harika Dronavalli had material advantage on her side.

You can hold a game but never win – that is what Anna Ushenina from Ukraine proved when she defeated her opponent from Russia. The tie breakers were full of tension as two siblings battled it out. Yes you guessed it right. Nadezhda together with her sister Tatiana were also present. Those who were eliminated in the second round were not that happy but they did show a look of satisfaction that said they came, they saw and gave their best. Well you can still hold on to your queens because it is still not over till the fat lady sings on 2nd December.

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