Women’s European Chess Championship 2013: Hoang and Gunina lead the field

At the European Chess Championship of women at Belgrade in Serbia seven rounds have been played so far. Best chances of winning the title are held by a Hungarian and Russian at the moment.

Direct duel between leading players in round eight of the tournament

Thanh Trang Hoang (Elo 2467) from Hungary took the lead at the women’s European Chess Championship 2013 with 6.0 points. Immediately behind her ranks the Russian Valentina Gunina at an equal score but poorer second evaluation. The world’s number 14 was able to obtain six victories in the first seven rounds. Only the Latvian Laura Rogule (Elo 2329) surprisingly defeated Gunina. Thanh Trang Hoang, however, achieved five victories and two ties the European Championship.

Today, the direct duel between the number 14 on the seeding list from Hungary and the number 7 also from Hungary will take place. In case one of them scores a major success at this match, there might be a preliminary decision concerning this year’s European Champion in the women’s division.

Seven players at 5.5 points after seven rounds

Because this continental event is played in a total of eleven rounds, the protagonists still have a far way to go in Belgrade. Therefore, the contemporary number of possible players at the European Championship is still quite high. Behind the leading duo, seven players at once have positioned themselves with chances of winning the title. Each of them at a score of 5.5 points, which is only half a point behind the leading two from Hungary and Russia. The field of these seven is led by Salome Melia (Elo 2428) from Georgia obtaining the highest second evaluation. Along with Melia who is only positioned 25th in the seeding list, three more players from Georgia are present at the tournament – among them seed number 2 Nana Dzagnidze (Elo 2558) – who have a current points account of 5.5 just like two Russians and the top-favorite Anna Muzychuk from Slovenia (Elo 2594).

Seeding list and Elo-rating not always determining criteria in chess

The European Chess Championship 2013 of women in Belgrade shows, that players do not always perform according to their Elo-rating and rank in seeding list. This is not only proven by seed number 24, Salome Melia, who performs much stronger than expected, but also vice-versa by the Ukrainian Kateryna Lagno (Elo 2542) who was positioned 3rd in the seeding list, but now takes rank 24 at only 4.5 points. Even farther behind in recent standings are the numbers 10 and 12 of the FIDE world rankings who were numbers 4 and 5 in the seeding list of the European Championship 2013. While Pia Cramling (Elo 2523) from Sweden takes place 35 at 4.5 points, the championship-dream of Tatiana Kosintseva may have already shattered at 4.0 points on 52nd rank.

Thanh Trang Hoang

Source: wikipedia / karpidis

written by Michael, translated by Birthe