Team Chess World Championship 2013: Ukraine strong, Russia struggles

After three out of nine rounds of the Team World Championship 2013 in Antalya, the Ukraine is clearly leading the field. The Russian team is struggling despite all expectations.


Ukraine with three victories out of three duels

Alexander Moiseenko

The Ukraine is the only team remaining with a clean slate at the Team Chess World Championship 2013. The Eastern

Europeans were able to win all three duels so far. The 2.5:1.5 victory against the United States in the opening stage of the tournament is followed by triumphs in rounds two and three against China (2.5:1.5) and the European Team Champion from Azerbaijan (2.5:1.5) who just recently secured the Championship title in Istanbul, despite the absence of Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. In the match against China, the Ukraine was successful through Vassily Ivanchuk (ELO 2731) who won against Li Chao (ELO 2679) and Anton Korobov (ELO 2713) who beat Ding Liren (ELO 2711). On the other hand, Yuriy Kryvoruchko (ELO 2701) was defeated by Wang Yue (ELO 2725). In the match against Azerbaijan, Alexander Moiseenko (ELO 2709) was able to score the decisive point against Vasif Durarbayli (ELO 2559). While the Ukraine is leading the field with a score of 6 points, Armenia is currently the runner-up with 5 points. The Armenians played a 2:2 draw against Russia in the top-duel in the opening stage, but were able to prevail over Egypt (3:1) and the United States (2.5:1.5). In the match against the USA, the world’s number 2, Levon Aronian (ELO 2801), scored a victory against Hikaru Nakamura (ELO 2786).


Top-favorite team from Russia only at midfield spot

Russia was one of the two top-favorite teams in Antalya but is having a hard time proving its strengths. After the 2:2 draw against Armenia, Russia was defeated by The United States at 1:3. Former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik (ELO 2793) had to admit defeat to US-American Hikaru Nakamura (ELO 2786), while Nikita Vitiugov (ELO 2741) had no chance against Robson Ray (ELO 2613). Russia is now three points short to front runner Ukraine and ranks 5th after 3 rounds. Ahead off Russia rank Azerbaijan in 3rd place at 4 points and the German team in 4th place at also 4 points. The German’s early success against Egypt was repeated against the home team from Turkey (3:1). Hereby, Georg Meier (ELO 2623) and the German top-player Arkadij Naiditsch contributed to the victory. However, in round 3 they were defeated by the Netherlands at 1.5:2.5 points, as Igor Khenkin (ELO 2612) was inferior to Giri Anish (ELO 2731). Naiditsch achieved at least a draw against L’ami Erwin (ELO 2648).


Picture: Przemysław Jahr

written by Michael, translated by Birthe