Chess Honorary President: Magnus Carlsen is not the best chess player

The Honorary President of the German Chess Association, Robert K. von Weizsäcker, criticized the new Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen. In his home country, the young chess talent is also called “The Mozart of Chess”, but he cannot enthuse the son of the former German national coach.


Robert von Weizsäcker: Disappointing World Championship

Robert K. von Weizsäcker

In an interview with a Northern German broadcasting station, Weizsäcker declared his displeasure. After the triumph of the 22 year-old Magnus Carlsen in Chennai, the Honorary President of the German Chess Association said: “I have never witnessed a World Championship as boring as the one that just took place. Carlsen won because he is the better sportsman, not because he is the better chess player.” It is known that the world’s number 1, Magnus Carlsen, prevailed over the title defender Visvanathan Anand, who had been Chess World Champion since 2010, at a final score of 6.5:3.5 points. In Chennai, Carlsen secured victories in three duels, while seven further duels ended in draws. The previous World Champion Anand was not able to decide a single match of the World Championship 2013 to his favor.


Vladimir Kramnik is said to have a better general understanding of chess than Carlsen

When glancing at the pure expertise, Magnus Carlsen is not the best chess player in the world according to the German Honorary President. The former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik from Russia is supposedly superior to the Norwegian. “Carlsen keeps playing and playing, and forces his opponent who is 20 years older than him to play 4 or 5 hours. The bottom line is that the positioning has to end in a draw; but he continues to play and waits out Anand.” He claims that with this strategy Magnus Carlsen became the new World Champion. He simply waited for mistakes of the former World Champion Anand. “From a chess point of view, this is not a convincing performance. He did not outperform him; he simply didn’t make mistakes, waited, and then took his chance.”


According to von Weizsäcker, Carlsen plays like a computer: cold hearted and soullessly

In an analysis of the Chess World Championship 2013 the Honorary President of the German Chess Association takes it even one step further: The Norwegian is alleged to play like a computer, cold hearted and soullessly. “It would be interesting to know how he would score against a chess computer.” On the other hand, the former German national coach Uwe Bönsch, views the situation a little differently; on he said: “I consider Magnus Carlsen a worthy successor of Bobby Fischer and Garri Kasparov. He is a World Champion who will be able to defend his title over many years.”


Picture: Frank Hoppe

written by Michael, translated by Birthe