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The Best Chess Variations | Part 1

Chess VariationsYou are looking for changes in playing tactics and are tired of playing only classical chess all the time? Beginning today, Chessimo will introduce you to five interesting variations of classical checkmate, one every month. You can easily try them out at home and will still practice all fundamental skills for progress in your classical variations.

1. Chess960 / Fischer Random Chess

This variation was created by the grandmaster Bobby Fischer. It is all about avoiding memorized opening moves by randomly drawing one out of the 960 possible opening positions.

Instructions (place white pieces first and follow to set up the black pieces in symmetrically identical order):

Who would like to practice his or her ability of finding creative solutions, will find great pleasure in playing Chess960 from time to time!

2. Casablanca Chess

For this variation we recommend interested readers to purchase additional chess pieces (of course you can also substitute your chess set with other items) and a 10×8 board. The chess world champion José Raúl Casablanca came up with this variation in which a JANUS (combination of Bishop and Knight) and a KANZLER (combination of Rook and Knight) per color set replaces the remaining pieces.

Starting position: Rook – Knight – Janus – Bishop – Queen – King – Bishop – Chancellor – Knight – Rook.

An alternative is the starting position by Asberg which mostly minimizes the advantage of the white color: Rook – Janus – Knight – Bishop – Queen – King – Knight – Chancellor – Rook.

3. Andernach-Chess

The starting position and the rule set of regular checkmate remain, but with one severe alteration: All pieces of the offence (except for the King) must change colors. Therefore, some of the fundamental thoughts and tactics are turned upside down. Definitely worth trying!

4. Nuclear Chess

In Nuclear Chess, similar to the detonation of a nuclear bomb, all accompanying squares of a lost piece must be cleared, too. These duels tend to be extremely short, and with the significant opening advantage of the white party the rules must be altered and extended, so that, for instance, only Officers but not Pawns are eliminated by the explosions. Other variations rule out the events of King In Check and Checkmate completely, or leave scoring moves of clomid for women Pawns without the fatal explosions. In another variation that minimizes the opening advantage of white the Pawns are eliminated by explosions, while the Kings are unharmed by plavix generic scoring moves on accompanying squares. The King is then only in danger during direct attacks. Here, the King may also strike himself, but not a covered piece, even if the covering piece was eliminated by a previous explosion.

5. Soccer Chess

A regular chess equipment is enough to play this variation that goes by the common rule set. There are 5 minutes of thinking time per duel and player. The King is treated like all other pieces and checkmate is therefore redundant. Both parties will now try to score ‘goals’. The white goal is formed by squares d1 and e1, the black goal by d8 and e8. If black manages to bring a figure into the area of the white goal, and vice versa, the game is over.

written by Sarah, translated by Birthe