U20 Chess World Championship: Yu Yangyi and Aleksandra Goryachkina win

In the boys’ category of the U20 World Championship the favorite player Yu Yangyi prevailed. Aleksandra Goryachkina was again dominant among the girls.


118 male and 77 female participants

The Turkish city Kocaeli hosted the world championship for the under 20 year-olds. Under the watchful eyes of Garri Kasparov, U20 World Champion of 1980, 118 boys and 77 fought for the coveted medals. While the outcome in the boys’ division was a neck-and-neck race until the very end, Aleksandra Goryachkina secured her victory in the girl’s division at a one point advantage. The particularly strong players among the boys were mostly from Asia, the strong girls most of all originate from Eastern Europe.


Yu Yangyi wins title with 2813-performance

Alexander Ipatov (Elo 2601) hoped to defend the men’s U20 World Championship title as the first chess player ever. At 10.5 points after 13 rounds, the Russian grandmaster, who plays for Turkey now, accomplished a great overall performance like Kasparov and Mamedyarov once did. But Yu Yangyi (Elo 2662) outperformed Ipatov by 0.5 points. At an overall score of 11.0 points after 13 rounds, the Chinese grandmaster obtained 2013’s U20 World Championship title. After 10 rounds, both players were leading the field with an equal score of 8.5. But while Yu Yangyi was able to win the following the two duels, the title defender only achieved two draws.  It is astonishing, how confident the performance of the Chinese was. At a U20 championship, this is barely ever the case and at 11.0 / 13 and a 2813-performance, Yangyi simply overshadowed his competitors. The two top-favorite players are followed by Cori Jorge from Peru (Elo 2587) in 3rd place and Vidit Sangtosh Gujrathi from India (Elo 2565) in 4th place at each 9.5 points.


15 year-old Russian wins over 13 year-old Kazakh

The decision in the girls’ division wasn’t as close; the 15 year-old Aleksandra Gorychkina (Elo 2418) secured the title at the U20 World Championship at 10.5 points out of 13 rounds. Behind her ranks Zhansaya Adumalik (Elo 2277), who was seeded in 13th place only. Surprisingly, the 13 year-old Kazakh scored 9.5 points and obtained the silver medal. Adumalik is followed by the top-favorite Russian player Alina Kashlinskaya (Elo 2434) and Mitra Hejazipour (Elo 2256), who both scored 9.0 points.

Yu Yangyi

Yu Yangyi

Picture: Andreas Kontokanis

written by Michael, translated by Birthe