Michael Adams wins tournament in Dortmund, Germany – Fraud suspected among amateurs

The multiple-winner of the Sparkassen Chess-Meetings in Dortmund, Vladimir Kramnik, is stuck in 2nd place at the event this year. The victory of the 2013 edition of the contest was obtained by the English player Michael Adams (7.0 points) who shortly ranked before the ten times winner from Russia (6.5 points).

Michael Adams and Vladimir Kramnik end duel in draw

The decision was made in the final round of the Chess-Meeting, in which Michael Adams (Elo 2740) and Vladimir Kramnik (Elo 2784) met for a direct duel. After about two hours, the match between the number 5 and 18 of the FIDE World Rankings from Russia and England ended in a draw. Kramnik, playing black, was not able to decide the game in his favour and therefore had to make do with the silver medal. Between 1995 and 2011, Kramnik won the Sparkassen Chess-Meeting incredible ten times, while Adams obtained the victory for the very first time – as the only undefeated of ten players.

Arkadij Naiditsch ahead of Wang Hao and Fabiano Caruana

A big gap occurred behind the top-duo Adams and Kramnik: Peter Leko from Hungary with an Elo-rating of 2744 and seeded 16th in worldwide rankings completed the tournament on rank 3 at 4.5 points – as did 4th placed Arkadij Naiditsch. The German number 1 and 35th in world rankings holds an Elo of 2710 and was able to rank ahead of the big disappointment of the event: At 4.0 points, Fabiano Caruana only made it to 6th place at the Sparkassen Chess-Meeting, even though he obtained the victory in the previous edition of the contest. The number 3 of the world (Elo 2796) achieved no more than two victories, four draws, and lost to Adams, Kramnik, and Wang Hao. The Chinese, listed 14th in worldwide rankings at an Elo of 2747 also scored 4.0 points only and thus ranked 5th.

 Major League chess player under suspicion of fraud

Things got out of hand at the simultaneously carried out Amateur-Tournament in Dortmund, Germany. The Major League player Jens Kotainy was disqualified due to suspicion of fraud. Meanwhile, public prosecutors from Dortmund investigate the case against the chess player from Hohenlimburg, which is also located in Germany. Kotainy is accused of having received information about moves via smartphone and chess-software. The German player denies the accusations.

Wladimir KramnikVladimir Kramnik

Picture: flickr.com / Juerg Vollmer

written by Michael, translated by Birthe