Magus Carlsen is new Chess World Champion

The Norwegian Magnus Carlsen is new World Champion in chess. The world’s number 1 prevailed in Chennai at 6.3:3.5 points over title defender Visvanathan Anand, who had been holding viagra sildenafil citrate the title since 2010 and was now dethroned.


Draw in 10th rounds decided to Magnus Carlsen’s cialis tadalafil favor

Magnus Carlsen-3

After the 22 year-old was able to win two duels in previous rounds, he beat Anand in the 9th round on Thursday and therefore made a preliminary decision with 6:3 points. Yesterday’s duel ended in another draw, the 7th draw of the series of duels, which meant the victory of Magnus Carlsen with the final score of 6.5:3.5. The draw on Friday was final after 65 moves. Carlsen played the last duel with the white chessmen and didn’t give Anand the slightest chance of forming threats on the board. On the other hand, Carlsen missed a great chance when not taking advantage of Anand’s mistake after about two hours of playing. After 4 hours and 45 minutes, the two opponents tadalafil switched their pieces so that only the two kings remained on the chess board and a checkmate was can fish oil be taken with plavix impossible.


Magnus Carlsen – a risk-seeking player

Magnus Carlsen’s victory in Chennai was more than deserved, as the young Norwegian was definitely the chancier and more stable player. The title defender Visvanathan Anand did make several unexpected mistakes which in the end led to Carlsen’s triumph. Many observers of the World Championship 2013 had the impression that Anand seemed tired and at some points didn’t challenge Carlsen enough. At least, he received a consolation prize of $980,000, while Magnus Carlsen’s prize money amounted to 1.57 million US-Dollars. Inexplicable to many observers of the scenario remain the severe mistakes of Anand in the duels 5, 6, and 9 which contributed to Carlsen’s victory. The Indian did plavix generic not achieve a single win at the Chess World Championship 2013 in his home country. The Norwegian is now the second youngest World Champion in the history of chess. Only the Russian player Garri Kasparov was a few months younger when he won the Chess World Championship 1985.


Carlsen didn’t offer Anand draw in final duel

To Magnus Carlsen the victory of the Chess World Championship 2013 is an early birthday gift; he celebrates his 23rd birthday on November 30th. After his triumph, the young Norwegian said: “I am very happy about winning the championship. It was tough, but it feels good. Visvanathan Anand is one of the greatest players in the history of chess. It was an honor to play against him.” During the last duel on Friday, Carlsen had many chances to offer Anand the draw, which he didn’t, as that would have been the championship’s final decision.


Picture: Frans Peeters

written by Michael, translated by Birthe