Lily Cole – Queen with big heart and bright mind

In their new advertising campaign, the jeans brand G-Star Raw attracts with the model Lily Cole. Our reporter interviewed the 26 year-old about checkmate, beauty ideals, and social projects.

Lily Cole

The Dada artist Marcel Duchamp considers the game pure poetry, Stefan Zweig used it in his greatest of novelettes, and Lenin was dreadfully tempted by it:

Chess – or the question whether we can determine our own fate with intelligence or are helplessly left to destiny – has fascinated philosophers, artists, and scholars since the Medieval Times. Pope John Paul II even thought of it as the true reflection of life.

Now, the Dutch exclusive jeans brand G-Star Raw is attempting to make the Game of Kings the center of attention of their new Spring/Summer campaign. For that matter, they have recruited two heavy weights of chess: Magnus Carlsen (23) who became World Champion in November 2013, and the British top model Lily Cole (26).

Lily Cole is no easy competitor for the Norwegian chess talent. The unconventional beauty has proved at an early stage that she effortlessly crosses boundaries and switches roles arbitrarily. Whether in the role of Tiffany & Co’s advertisement icon, actress in several movies, model for Prada and Chanel, cover girl of Vogue and Playboy or environmental activist and entrepreneur – the ginger graduate of the elite university Cambridge was reasonably elected “Face of the Future” by an influential New York magazine in 2005.

Just recently, with the blessing of Wikipedia-founder Jimmy Wales, she called into life the website that promotes the idea of helping people in need for free. Whoever is still hoping to find a neighbor to help put together furniture or is just looking for good advice can find selfless helpers on her website.

Picture: Picture Alliance / Photoshoot

translated by Birthe