India winner of World Youth U16 Chess Olympics

The junior team from India takes home the title of the World Youth U16 Chess Olympics which were recently carried out in China. The Asians could position themselves ahead of the top-favorite team from Russia.

India prevails over Russian chess junior in top-match

In the end, differences were as low as expected: India obtained the victory in China with 18 points after eight victories and two ties. Russia ranked 2nd having scored 17 points through eight victories, one tie, and also one defeat. In the decisive duel, the second seed Indians prevailed over the top-favorite team from Russia at 2.5:1.5 points. Along with three ties, Ghosh Diptayan (Elo 2473) achieved the only victory in the duel, defeating the Russian Kirill Alekseenko (Elo 2449).

Hungary and China rank behind bronze-medallist Turkey

Chess fans expected a duel for 3rd rank at the World Youth U16 Chess Olympics between Hungary and China, but the numbers three and four in the seeding list ended up on 4th (Hungary, 15 points/25.0) and 5th rank (China 1, 14 points). Surprisingly, the 3rd rank was taken by 7th seed Turkey at 15 points scored in seven victories, one tie, and two defeats as well as a second evaluation of 26.0. The Turkish team achieved a 2:2 tie against India, but lost to the team from China (1:3) and Iran (1.5:2.5) that was positioned 8th in seeding list and actually came off 8th in overall standings.

Chinese player at Elo of 1901 surprised with ten victories

From the beginning, the best individual player of the World Youth U16 Chess Olympics in China was expected to be the local Wei Yi with an Elo of 2557 points. Yet, the only grandmaster of the tournament could not win all duels. On the contrary, Yi scored 8.0 points out of ten duels. Therefore, he only placed 7th on the ranking list of the best individual players. Wang Yukun was announced best individual player of the entire event instead. At an Elo-rating of only 1901, the young player from the QD No. 2 Middle School ZY chess club won all ten duels and among others defeated the Czech Matyas Marek (Elo 2042), The Georgian Nika Ghvamberia (Elo 2047), and Arthur Shen from the United States (Elo 2286). Overall, 72 teams of teenagers under sixteen from 26 national chess associations took place in the World Youth Chess Olympics.

written by Michael, translated by Birthe