Hou Yifan from China again Chess World Champion in women’s division

As expected by many observers the Chinese player Hou Yifan regained the championship title in women’s chess. Though her victory was assumed, no one would have thought of the duel against title defender Anna Ushenina to be quite accutane during the summer so monotonous.


Hou Yifan wins clearly at 5.5:1.5

Initially, the duel was supposed to be fought in ten individual matches. But the Chinese Hou Yifan decided the duel in the Chinese city http://propeciageneric-online.com/ Taizhou to her favor after only seven matches. The 19 year-old obtained four victories in the seven matches and was therefore unbeatably ahead at 5.5:1.5 points. The title defender Anna Ushenina, who sensationally won the championship title last year, was hopelessly defeated; she only scored three draws. Thus, the Women’s Chess World Championship 2013 was an unequivocal matter. Hou Yifan (Elo 2609) is currently the runner-up in the FIDE world rankings of women, while the 28 year-old Anna Ushenina from the Ukraine (Elo 2500) ranks 17th.

19 year-old Chinese world champion from 2010 to 2012

The 19 year-old Hou Yifan was already women’s world champion from 2010 to 2012, until she surprisingly had to pass on the championship title to the Ukrainian Anna Ushenina who came off winner at the last championship that was carried out in tournament system. As Yifan won the FIDE Grand Prix overall ratings of the season 2011/2012, she earned the right to challenge Ushenina. With her victory, the 19 year-old won €120,000; Anna Ushenina still received €80,000.


Hou Yifan second best chess player behind Judith Polgar

Even though Hou Yifan again obtained the championship title in women’s chess, she is still only the second best female chess player of the world, as Judith Polgar beyond dispute has been the best chess player among women. However, the Hungarian hasn’t played against women in quite a while as she prefers duels against men. At this point, a direct comparison between the two would be more than interesting. At the Gibraltar Open in the past year, the two already faced each other in a duel in which Hou Yifan remained dominant.


Yifan Hou

Hou Yifan

Picture: flickr.com buy accutane / Andreas Kontokanis

written by Michael, translated by Birthe