Happy Birthday, Levon Aronian!

Today’s the birthday of one of the biggest chess grand masters in the world: Levon Aronian!


To this special occasion, we would like to remind you of the highlights and successes of the 32 year-old chess player.

  • 1994. Levon Aronian becomes Youth World Champion U12 in generic plavix Szeged and is therefore rewarded with the FIDE Master title.
  • 1995. Aronian becomes Youth Rapid Chess World Champion U14 in Paris.
  • 1996. He is announced International Master.
  • 1997. Aronian wins the Kasparov Cup, an important Junior Masters Tournament in Moscow.
  • 1998. He decides the European Youth Championship U20 in Yerevan to his favor.
  • 1999. He wins the Armenian National Championship in Yerevan and becomes member of the Armenian National Chess Team, winning the European Team Championship in Batumi.
  • 2000. The FIDE honors him with the Grand Master title.
  • 2002. Levon Aronian becomes Junior World Champion U20 in Panaji, Goa.
  • 2003. He wins the Chess960 Open in Mainz, Germany.
  • 2004. He wins the German Internet Championship.
  • 2005. He competes and prevails at the Russian Team Championship and the European Club Cup as a member of the Russian chess team Tomsk-400.
  • 2005. Aronian wins the Gibraltar Open together with Hikaru Nakamura and Boris Awruch, and the Tournament of Stepanakert (Bergkarabach). At the European Championship in Warsaw he obtains bronze.
  • 2006. He wins the gold medal at the Traditional Tournament of Linares which is one of his most significant successes until today. Aronian is announced World Champion at Chess960 in Mainz and wins the gold at the Chess Olympics in Turin with the Armenian national team.
  • 2007. Levon Aronian shares first rank at the Grand Masters’ Tournament in Wijk aan Zee with Topalov and Radjabov. His victory over Anand at the Tournament of Morelia, Linares is announced Duel of the Year 2007. He prevails over World Champion Vladimir Kramnik at a Rapid Chess Competition in Yerevan and successfully defends his Chess960 World Championship title against Anand at the Mainz Chess Classic.
  • 2008. Aronian and Carlsen win the Corus Tournament in Wijk aan Zee. He also dominates at the Melody Amber Tournament in Nice and wins the gold medal at the Chess Olympics in Dresden, Germany with the Armenian National Team.
  • 2008/09. He wins the second and the fourth tournament of the FIDE Grand Prix Series. After ranking second in the fifth tournament, he secured the overall victory.
  • 2009. Again, he comes off first in overall standings of the Melody Amber Tournament. He vardenafil in pulmonary arterial hypertension a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study wins the Chess Classic Mainz in August and the Grenkeleasing World Championship in Rapid Chess, but loses http://tadalafillevitra-pharmacy.net/ the Chess960 World Championship title to Nakamura. He secures another title at the Grand Slam Finale in Bilbao, even though he only filled in for Vesselin Topalov.
  • 2010. He wins the Blitz Chess World Championship in Moscow.
  • 2011. He competes at the top-board for Armenia at the World Team Championship http://vardenafilcialis-generic.org/ and contributed to the team’s title victory with a result of five points out of eight duels.
  • 2012. He wins the Tata Steel Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee and succeeds at the Chess Olympics in Istanbul with the Armenian National Team, where he accomplished the best ELO-rating at the top-rated board.

In May 2012, Levon Aronian is second best chess player of the World, according to FIDE World Rankings, and with an ELO of 2825 points becomes third best player in the history of chess.

  • 2014. He wins the Tata Steel Chess Tournament again and competes in the German National Chess League with the OSG Baden-Baden. They become German Team Champion in 2013 and 2014.

In the recent past, Aronian has been lacking strength. At the Team Chess Olympics in Tromsö, he could not save the Armenian National Team from ranking eighth. He only obtained seven out of eleven points.

At the Sinquefield Cup in September he could again not impress the audience, ranking fifth out of six. At The Masters Final in Bilbao two weeks ago, he was one point short of victor Anand and therefore remained in second place.

Since August, Aronian has been falling behind on the FIDE World Rankings. He started out in second place and is now fifth (behind Carlsen, Caruana, Topalov, and Grischuk), having lost 12 points (Currently 2793).

We are crossing our fingers that he will soon recover from this sudden downswing in performance. At the World Mind Games in Beijing, China (scheduled from December 11 to 17 2014) he has the chance to continue his successful career.

We are also hoping for a strong performance at the Zurich Chess Challenge in February 2015, at which he will compete against Anand, Caruana, Hikamura, Kramni, and Karjakin.

Time will show how wisely he chose his wishes when blowing out vardenafil en farmacias similares the candles on his birthday cake today .. 🙂

written by Sarah, translated by Birthe