Chinese chess players dominate 27th Universade in Kasan

Clearly, the matches of the female students at the 27th Universade in Kasan, Russia were dominated by the Chinese. Therefore, all three medals went to the country of the middle. In the men’s category titles and medals were distributed more evenly.

Zhao Xue undefeated in nine rounds

The Chinese grandmaster Xue Zhao (Elo 2553) was in remarkable shape at the event;

in all nine duels at the Universade in Kasan the Chinese remained undefeated. Along with six victories she claimed three ties and scored 7.5 points overall. This outstanding performance was rewarded with gold. The silver and bronze medals were also obtained by Chinese students who each scored 7.0 points. Wenjun Ju (Elo 2531) came off second on the podium, while Zhongyi Tan (Elo 2478) ended up in third place. Tan is followed by the two Russians Anastasia Savina (Elo 2368) and Anastasia Bodnaruk (Elo 2440).

Striking matches in men’s category

The chess tournament at the world games of students in Russia was a very tight race in the men’s division. In the end, nine (!!) grandmasters at 6.5 points led the field. To finally make out the ranking and victor several sub-ratings had to be consulted. The final winner is Wesley So (Elo 2708) from the Philippines who shared the podium with the Armenian Zaven Andriasian (Elo 2620) and the Chinese Chao Lo (Elo 2686). The best domestic player was Maxim Matlakov who ended up on 5th rank. After all, the in chess predominant Russians were not so lucky at this international tournament.

German chess player Manuela Mader ranks 21st

The Universade in Kasan was attended by male and female students of 46 nations. However, only one player from Germany participated in the event: Manuela Mader (Elo 2212). At 5.5 points she obtained a solid 21st rank after being positioned 28th in the seeding list. Switzerland sent four male players and two female players to the world games of students. The best result was achieved by Camille De Secroux (Elo 2118) who ranked 44th among the competition.

written by Michael, translated by Birthe