Chess World Cup 2013: the pairing is set

One of the highlights of chess tournaments in 2013 is undoubtedly the World Cup for which recently the pairing was drawn. The event is scheduled to run between August 10th and September 5th.

128 players line up at the FIDE World Cup 2013

In total, 128 of the best players in the world will participate in the Chess World Cup 2013 that will be carried out in Tromsø, Norway. Duels are fought in knock-out system. Although 128 world-class players qualified for the tournament, not all of the will be participating. Out of all qualified, it is Magnus Carlsen who will not compete at this major event in his home country. Also, the current World Champion Visvanathan Anand from India has cancelled his attendance. Thirdly, Veselin Topalov will not be part of the tournament. Other than that, all chess celebrities have confirmed their participation.

No German player at the FIDE World Cup 2013

From the German standpoint a glance at the attendance list is unpleasant: The only player to be able to participate theoretically is Arkadij Naiditsch who is number 34 in worldwide rankings, but will not be in Tromsø for the event. While also no Swiss player will line up at the World Cup 2013, the Austrian Markus Ragger is the only player attending from German-speaking grounds. Ragger is positioned 64th in worldwide rankings and takes position 49 in the seeding list. In first round, the Austrian will compete against number 81 of the seeding list – the Russian Ivan Popov – according to the recent drawings. If Markus Ragger defeats Popov, Nikita Vitiugov who is 17th on the list and also from Russia will be his opponent in the second round.

Quarter-finals between Caruana and Gelfand possible

The top-listed player and runner-up in worldwide standings from Armenia – Levon Aronian – will meet the putative weakest player Mikhail Markov from Kirgizstan in the first round of the Chess World Cup 2013. In case all favorite players will prevail in the preliminary rounds, it is possible for Fabiano Caruana and Boris Gelfand to come together in quarter-finals. Another interesting duel should the match of the two Russians Alexander Grischuk and Sergey Karjakin. The supposed final game would then be cast with Levon Aronian and Fabiano Caruana.. But until then, 126 duels will have to be carried out at the Chess World Cup 2013 in Tromsø.

written by Michael, translated by Birthe