Chess World Championship 2013: Visvanathan Anand vs. Magnus Carlsen

While currently the Chess World Cup is carried out in the Norwegian city Tromsø, chess fans are already excited about a whole different event: The most thrilling duel of 2013 is expected to be the match between title-defender Visvanathan Anand and challenger Magnus Carlsen at the Chess World Championship that is scheduled to run between November 6th and 26th.

Anand World Champion since 2007, Carlsen number 1 worldwide

The Chess World Championship will be carried out in Chennai which is located in the south of India. The contest will show, whether or not the seven-year Chess World Champion Visvanathan Anand can defend his title. The 22 year-old challenger from Norway will do anything to prove his superior position in the FIDE world rankings in this duel. While Carlsen currently leads the world rankings at an Elo of 2862 points, the 43 year-old World Champion from India only takes place 7 in the world ranking list at an Elo of 2775. Due to intense preparation for this upcoming event, both Anand and Carlsen are not present at the Chess World Cup 2013.

Magnus Carlsen wins candidates’ tournament shortly ahead of Vladimir Kramnik

Eight players had qualified for this year’s candidates’ tournament in London that was carried out from March 14th until April 1st. The nominated players were the defeated of the Chess World Championship 2012, Boris Gelfand, and the three best players of the Chess World Cup 2011 (Piotr Svidler, Alexander Grischtschuk, and Vassyl Ivantshuk). Over and above that, the three chess players with the highest average Elo-ratings between July 2011 and January 2012 (Magnus Carlsen, Levon Aronian, and Vladimir Kramnik) were invited to compete. Teymur Rəcəbov from Azerbaijan received a wildcard from the event’s organizer. In the end, Magnus Carlsen and Vladimir Kramnik held an equal score of 8.5 points, but due to Carlsen’s higher number of victories he obtained the immediate qualification for the Chess World Championship 2013.

Visvanathan Anand narrowly ahead

Between 2005 and June 18th this year, the two players to be fighting for the Chess World Championship 2013 faced each other exactly 29 times. 20 of these duels ended in draws. Magnus Carlsen was able to achieve 3 victories, while the current World Champion Visvanathan Anand obtained 6 victories. Anand prevailed four times with the black pieces and twice with white; Carlsen won all his duels in white.

Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen

Picture: / Frans Peeters

written by Michael, translated by Birthe