Anna Ushenina: Player’s profile of the Chess World Champion

As the Women’s Chess World Championship in China begins today, we will take a minute to introduce you to the current World Champion Anna Ushenina.


First great achievements at Ukrainian Youth Championships

Anna Ushenina was born August 30th 1985 in the Ukrainian city Charkiv. In 1997 already, she achieved her first success when she became the Ukrainian U12 Champion. The title in Kiev was followed by the U14 Championships in 1998 and 1999. In 2002, she finally won the Championship of the under 20 year-old players in the women’s division. The same year, Ushenina was crowned European Champion with the U18 national team of the Ukraine and obtained silver in the individual competition. In 2001, the young talent became Women’s International master (WIM) and ascended to Women’s Grand master (WGM) in 2003. Since 2007 Anna Ushenina holds the title International Master of men which was given to her by the World Chess Federation FIDE.


From the Ukrainian Women’s Championship to World Championship medallist

In 2005, Anna Ushenina won the Ukrainian Women’s Championship in Aluschta for the first time. Also, she triumphed at the Chess Olympics 2006 in Turin at the reserve board. Over and above that, the ranked 2nd at the Chess Olympics 2008 in German (Dresden), playing on 3rd board for the Ukrainian team. The same year, Ushenina was able to win the bronze medal at the Women’s European Championship in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Overall, she played four Women’s European Championships from 2005 to 2011 with the Ukrainian national team and won two gold medals individually. At the team World Championship 2009 she finally played on the top board of the Ukrainians who ranked 3rd in the end. Another 3rd rank was obtained by Anna Ushenina and her team at the European Team Championship 2009 as well as at the Chess Olympics 2012 in Istanbul. The Ukrainian women’s national team celebrated their greatest success so far at the World Team Championship in Astana at which Ushenina and her team won gold, while the 28 year-old herself won individual silver.


World Championship title in 2012 biggest success

Anna Ushenina’s greatest achievement so far was without doubts the victory at the Women’s Chess World Championship 2012. She had barely qualified for the event and still surprised the world of chess. At first, she was able to prevail over Deysi Cori, Anna Muzychuk, Natalja Pogonina, Nadeshda Kossinzewa, and Ju Wenjun at the tournament in the Russian city Chanty-Mansijsk and in December 2012 finally won the final game against Antoaneta Stefanove who was the World Champion in 2004. Therefore, Anna Ushenina became the 14th female World Champion in chess.


Anna Ushenina 2

Anna Ushenina

Picture: Andreas Kontokanis

written by Michael, translated by Birthe