Alexandra Konstantinova Kostenjuk: First female master in chess in Switzerland

Once more, Alexandra Konstantinova Kostenjuk changed chess history. The former World Champions of women is now the first female to win the title Swiss Master in Chess.

Play-off against IM Ralph Buss determines winner

It took a whole 113 years for the first woman to come off winner at the Swiss National Championship. In 2013 finally, Alexandra Kostenjuk, who originates from Perm in Russia, overcame all obstacles and lead the field at the tournament. Kostenjuk is not like any other chess player; she held the title of the 12th Chess World Champion of women from 2008 until 2010. By now, she holds dual citizenship for both Russia and Switzerland and prevailed over the International Master Ralph Buss at 2:0 points in the final match. Both players had scored 6.5 points in 9 rounds, but in a play-off the 29 year-old Alexandra Konstantinova Kostenjuk defeated her male opponent and therefore made history.

Kostenjuk double master in Swiss chess

This year’s Swiss Championship can only hardly be surpassed in tension: In the last round, both Kostenjuk and Buss only achieved a tie, so that grandmaster Joe Gallagher achieving a victory could join up the two. As the Buchholtz-third Gallagher ended up with the bronze medal in the men’s division. In the women’s category, Kostenjuk logically obtained gold, while WFM Laura Stoeri won silver and WGM Barbara Hund bronze.

Kostenjuk grandmaster since 20 years-old

Alexandra Konstantinova Kostenjuk was born April 23rd in Perm which is located in Russia. In 2004, she earned the grandmaster title and has a current Elo-rating of 2489. Her rating peaked in April 2006 at 2540 points. From 2008 until 2010 she was the 12th female chess World Champions and takes rank 21 in the current FIDE world rankings of women. The Russian is married to her manager Juan Diego Garces Montoya, through whom she attained the Swiss citizenship.

written by Michael, translated by Birthe