Alexander Grischuk wins Rapid Chess Tournament ACP Cup in Riga

Recently, Alexander Grischuk (Elo 2785) obtained another big tournament victory: The Russian chess player prevailed over 15 grandmasters and rapid chess professionals at the international ACP Cup in the Lithuanian city Riga.


16 participants competed for $75,000 prize money

The ACP Cup in Riga was carried out by the Association of Chess Professionals for the first time. The 16 contestants of the four-day tournament originated from Latvia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Poland, France, and the Ukraine. The prize money amounted to $75,000. Next to the victor Alexander Grischuk, the very popular players Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (7th worldwide / Elo 2775), Peter Svidler (15th / Elo 2746), Alexander Moiseenko (41st / Elo 2706), Alexander Morozevich (18th / Elo 2739), Vassily Ivanchuk (22nd / Elo 2731), and ten other players participated.


Tournament in Knock-Out System

The rapid chess tournamrnt in Riga was played in Knock-Out-System. In the first round, the world’s number 4 Alexander Grischuk prevailed over Laurent Fressinet (38th / Elo 2708) at 3:1 points, while Alexander Morozevich (0.5:1.5 against Ruslan Ponomariov) as well as Alexander Moiseenko (0.5:1.5 against Ian Nepomniachtchi) dropped out. In quarterfinals of the ACP Cup 2013 in Riga Alexander Grischuk dominated the duel against Radoslav Wojtaszek (47th / Elo 2701) with 2:0 points. In the round of the last eight of the rapid chess tournament, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov lost to Ruslan Ponomariov at 0:2 points.


Alexander Grischuk wins against Peter Svidler and Ian Nepomniachtchi

In semi-finals, Alexander Grischuk faced his fellow countryman Peter Svidler and triumphed at 1.5:0.5 points. The second match of the semi-finals, Ian Nepomniachtchi (29th /Elo 2717) scored a 3:1 success against Ponomariov (14th / Elo 2756). The final match was meant to be a striking match: the two regular matches ended in draws and the following blitz chess matches were each obtained by Nepomniachtchi and Grischuk. The final decision was made during match number five in which Grischuk prevailed. Therefore, the Russian grandmaster did not only win the duel in Riga but also the entire ACP Cup 2013.


Alexander Grischuk

Alexander Grischuk

Picture: / Andreas Kontokanis

written by Michael, translated by Birthe