European Team Chess Championship 2013 in Warsaw

While almost the entire world of chess has all attention in Chennai at the moment to witness the World Championship duel of Anand and Carlsen, we will focus on the European Team Championship 2013. Before we will provide detailed information about the battle for the World Championship title, let us take a closer look at the teams that will participate in Warsaw from today on.


Germany surprisingly title defender at European Championship

Schach EM Warschau

From a German viewpoint, the European Team Championship is of high interest. The German team is the title defending team in Poland, after they had unexpectedly won the 2011 edition of the championship in Porto Carras. However, another victory at the event is rather unlikely, as the German team, again, starts in an outsider position in the fight for the title – just like in Greece in 2011. According to the seeding list, the German team is only in 10th place.


Russia and Armenia are top-favorites

A look at the list of participants shows that especially the teams from Russia and Armenia are rated as top-favorites. The Russian team has an average Elo of 2747 points, the list being led by Alexander Grischuk (Elo 2785), Peter Svidler (Elo 2752), and Alexander Morozevich (Elo 2727). Armenia, on the other hand, will be represented by Levon Aronian (Elo 2801) and Sergei Movesesian (Elo 2700) amongst others. The average Elo-rating of the Armenian team amounts to 2715 points. The title defending team from Germany has an average Elo of 2644 to offer and is headed by the German number 1, Arkadij Naiditsch (Elo 2727 – at an all-time peak!!). The team is completed by Georg Meier (Elo 2623), David Baramidze (Elo 2614), Igor Khenkin (Elo 2612), and Daniel Fridman (Elo 2600).


Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia are top-favorites in women’s division

In the women’s tournament of the 2013 European Team Championship, the teams from the Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia are considered to have the greatest chances on winning the title. The Ukrainian women have an average Elo of 2498 and are led by Kateryna Lagno (Elo 2542), Anna Ushenina (Elo 2492), and Mariya Muzychuk (Elo 2491). Russia and Georgia have averages of each 2491 points with players such as Alexandra Kosteniuk (Elo 2510) and Valentina Gunina (Elo 2509) for Russia and Nana Dzagnidze (Elo2556) and Bela Khotenashvili (Elo 2524) for Georgia. Rank 4 on the seeding list is takes by Poland, followed by Germany with an Elo averaging at 2390 points. The German women’s team is cast with Elisabeth Paehtz (Elo 2449), Zoya Schleining (Elo 2379), Tatjana Melamed (Elo 2367), Ketino Kachiani-Gersinska (Elo 2365), and Marta Michna (Elo 2357).


Picture: Paweł Suwarski

written by Michael, translated by Birthe


Peter Svidler leaps forward in Chess World Rankings and nominates for Candidates’ Tournament

The Russian Peter Svidler is on everyone’s lips these days; after the 37 year-old recently became Russian National Champion, there is yet another great reason for celebration.


Svidler advances four ranks in World Rankings

Peter Svidler

In the November edition of the FIDE World Rankings, Svidler took a great leap forward. Placing 17th at an Elo-rating of 2740 in October, the 7 times Russian Champion now holds an Elo of 2752 points and therefore takes rank 13 in the November edition of the rankings. Thus, Peter Svidler is the fourth best Russian player in the world of chess. The table is still lead by World Championship Challenger Magnus Carlsen, who will try to dethrone Visvanathan Anand (8th / Elo 2775) in a duel starting by the end of the week. Carlsen hold an unaltered Elo-rating of 2870 points.


Aronian and Kramnik switch positions in World Rankings

Behind Magnus Carlsen, Levon Aronian and Vladimir Kramnik switched positions again. The Armenian was able to enhance his Elo-rating by 6 points to 2801 and is back in the runner-up position. Kramnik, on the other hand, hold an Elo of 2793 (-3) in November 2013 and fell back on 3rd place. Best German player is still Arkadij Naiditsch with an Elo of 2727 (+3), who advanced from rank 26 to 25.

In the women’s category, the World Rankings remain unchanged. The Hungarian Judith Polgar leads the rankings at an Elo-rating of 2689 points, followed by the Chinese World Champion Yifan Hou (Elo 2629 / +8) and Humpy Koneru from India (Elo 2618 / +11). Elisabeth Paehtz increased her Elo-rating by 9 points (now 2449) and is still the best German player. Paehtz leaped forward from rank 41 to 35!


Organizers of Candidates’ Tournament 2014 nominated Peter Svidler  

Over and above the great progress in World Rankings, Peter Svidler may celebrate another Milestone in his career. The Russian world-class player was nominated to participate in the Candidates’ Tournament 2014, which will be hosted by the Russian city Chanty-Mansijsk. From March 12th to 30th, he will not only face the loser of the World Championship duel between Anand and Carlsen, but also his fellow countrymen Andreikin, Kramnik, and Karjakin. Veselin Topalov and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov will also be among the eight participants in Chanty-Mansijsk.


Picture: Wikipedia

written by Michael, translated by Birthe